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Are you stressed? Is your anxiety killing you? Are your muscles tense? 

Then you have come to the right place. Stress punched us too, but we learned how to cope with it, and now we want to help you. Don't go the long way we did, take a shortcut and get relaxation techniques and tips which actually work. 

Learn proven techniques and strategies to cope with your stress, calm yourself and get a happier life again. 

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The How to Relax Book

Our guide for finding the perfect relaxation technique for you. All proven methods and Stacy tried them all to find a cure for her own stress related problems.

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Meditation for Beginners Book

Meditation helps you in fighting stress. Learn with Amy how you can meditate with 5 simple and effective techniques.

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Featured Articles

Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Stressed out, under-slept or life pressures like wtf?!? We all know those moments, and luckily we all have the perfect tool always with us to help our body relax - our breath. Learn how you can use your breath to calm down.

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How I Made a Habit Of Relaxing Daily And Sticking To It For Over 4 Years Now

I will show you how I got from doing no active relaxation at all to doing it daily and for multiple years in a row now. It does not matter if you do Yoga, Qi Gong or Meditation. Getting into a habit is the same.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique

Progressive Muscle Relaxation, or short PMR, is an easy to learn technique for relieving stress. It works by tensing specific muscle groups for a short time and afterward directly relaxing them. We find out how our body feels when tensed or relaxed.

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