11 Tips on How to Relax When Life is Out of Control

Stress is a constant companion, and most of us, through lots of practice, have become experts at elevating our stress levels. The ability to relax is an acquired skill too. Luckily, you can teach yourself to handle stress in a manner that minimizes it. However, the more stressed you feel, the more challenging it can be to relax.


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5 Great Coloring Books for Stress Relief

Coloring is not just for kids. It’s also fun doing it as an adult. And while you are it, you’ll notice that stress is going away, the time flies by, and you are relaxed when done. That happens to me.


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How Minimalism Can Help You With Stress Management

Minimalism isn’t the first what comes to mind when thinking about stress management. Typically, people think of reading books or taking a bath, both action which can help shortly, or if they are a step further they think of yoga, pilates, meditation or any other active relaxation method. The techniques help you to handle stress better but what they can’t do is reducing the stress coming from your environment. That’s where minimalism can step in.

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Get Your Ass Moving by Finding Your True Reason

Last time I talked about how I made a habit of daily relaxation and how you can do too. But life isn’t always easy, and you need something that keeps you doing.

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The Ultimate Guide To Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog is much more than a restorative posture. Known as Adho Mukha Svanasana in Sanskrit, it is one of the most widely practiced yoga poses. It works on the entire body, stretching the muscles, and pepping up the flexibility. Even better, it is a simple pose that packs in the benefits of all the inversions.


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How I Made a Habit Of Relaxing Daily And Sticking To It For Over 4 Years Now

I will show you how I got from doing no active relaxation at all to doing it daily and for multiple years in a row now. It does not matter if you do Yoga, Qi Gong or Meditation. Getting into a habit is the same.


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Popular Styles Of Yoga

You can’t decide which yoga style to try? Do not fret. Here comes an infographics to the rescue and explaining the different stles for you.

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Relaxing at Home - Do It Right and It Will Have a Long Lasting Effect on You

I am not talking about the typical thing people suggest for relaxing at home. Reading a book or taking a bath might work once when you are pretty less stressed. But when it gets more and more, these tips will not help. How many baths should you take or books should you read when you are in the middle of a project with deadline


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Do Binaural Beats Really Work?

Binaural beats are sounds that affect your brain and are supposed to bring it in a particular state; be it relaxed or ready for high performance. They are a part of something called brainwave entrainment. Honestly, I still find it a strange concept, so let’s explore it together.


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Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

When you are new to Meditation, it is often easier to start with a guided session. Unfortunately, we do not necessarily have the time to attend a class. But luckily, a recorded guided meditation works fine too.


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