Get Your Ass Moving by Finding Your True Reason

Last time I talked about how I made a habit of daily relaxation and how you can do too. But life isn’t always easy, and you need something that keeps you doing.

That pushes you.

That determines how you set your priorities.

Yes, making your change a priority in your life is a must. You must make time for practicing or you will fail.

When setting priorities, people will tell you to make a To-Do list or find free time in your calendar or sleep less to make time for practicing.

Bullshit I say, it works for a short time and eventually you will fail. I did fail; I see others fail. Tools only bring you that far; if there’s no life, no fire burning, the tools are without power.

What you need is a reason, a damn good reason. A reason to get you up whenever you fall. A reason keeping you going when times get tough. A reason that keeps your fire burning. It is your reason and only yours. Not the reason of someone else.

My reason was to get rid of the f$$$ tinnitus, fixing my posture, getting rid of all the scars stress did to my body.

That did get me moving.

That kept me moving when stress came back. Stupid deadlines at work, stupid people, frustration; all creeping up my back. But I had my reasons and did practice my Qi Gong even I was down or tired like hell.

I felt better after practicing and this again was fuel for my reason; my fire.

And it still keeps me going today. But it changed like I did; my reasons evolved with me. They unlocked a whole new life for me and even changed other parts of my life; with each step, I got a better version of myself.

When you found your reason, you will make your practice a priority. There won’t be any more doubts; you will set time for practicing. No excuses anymore. You will work, and it will pay off.

How do you find your reason?

If you are reading this, it probably has already found you. Like in my case.

  1. Why did you search for relaxation techniques in the first place?
  2. What pain do you have?
  3. Where do you never want to be again?
  4. What’s bugging you in your current situation?
  5. What’s bugging you your whole life?
  6. Where do you want to be?
  7. Who do you want to be?

Take your time and answer these questions for yourself. Write it down on paper. I bet your reason will show up sooner than later.

If you need help, do not hesitate and shoot me an email.