Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

When you are new to Meditation, it is often easier to start with a guided session. Unfortunately, we do not necessarily have the time to attend a class. But luckily, a recorded guided meditation works fine too.


I have collected a few superb guided meditations for stress relief for you. Some are paid, but worth every penny, and some are free.

When you choose a guided audio meditation, it is important that you can listen to it before you buy. The voice of the speaker affects us all differently; it might be a sweet and calming voice for one, but the next person does find it annoying. It is personal, so take your time and listen to a sample first.

  • Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep Beginner-friendly meditations to calm down and better sleep. Download the audio directly, get it on Audible or on iOS.
  • Mukti Meditations contains a short 5 minute guided meditation and a longer one for Yoga Nidra. I own this one and enjoy the calming and sweet voice as she guides me into relaxation.
  • Guided Audio Meditations Andrew creates many guided meditations for various aspects of life, stress reduction, healing, quiet your mind, procrastination and much more. You can buy them as mp3 directly at his site and download them to your player or phone. He also has several meditations packed as Apps (Android & iOS). I purchased the visualize healing Mp3 some years ago and still enjoy it.
  • Dharma Meditation Trainer A meditation trainer for Android with a training plan. You can start free, but the app also comes with in-app purchases.
  • Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate Meditation Trainer Android which helps you to select a guided meditation depending on your current mood.
  • buddhify - mindfulness to go A meditation & mindfulness trainer for Android; the meditations are 5 to 30 minutes long and cover various aspects, like de-stress, better sleeping or awareness.
  • Meditation On The Go A Short guided Meditation we produced solely for you

If you know a good one which helped you, please be so kind and send me an email with a link so I can include your tip. Thank you.

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